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100% Guarantee Policy: If Our D.I.Y Meth Testing Kits Fail To Detect Any Meth Residue, We Will Offer You A Free Decontamination Kit.

We use latest German technology in developing our test kits, its low risk of False Positives/Negatives and can not be fooled by common cleaning agents such as Ajax and bleach

DIY Meth Testing Kits
Meth Testing Kits (DIY) to find out if your property is contaminated $8.50
DIY Lab based Meth Test Kits
Laboratory based Meth Test Kit (DIY) Liquid CHROMATOGRAPHY 100% ACCURACY $120.00
Certified Meth Tester
Compliant with NZS 8510:2017 Standard.  Auckand Wide  (Orewa to Papakura) (Kumeu to Howick) $220

We Specialised In Meth Testing Or P Test. Honesty is the backbone of our Business, Check our feedback on Trade Me & Google Reviews 

Does Instant Meth Test Kit work?

Not Convinced – Need Proof?

Contact us to arrange a validity test so you can see how accurate the test kit & can be validated right in front of you.

Why Choose Us?

Meth Cover Up

We can help you how to find meth behind the paint.

Why Is painting over meth a problem?

Simply painting over a Meth Contaminated surface can result in the methamphetamine bleed through the paint layers over an extended period & may once again becomes available. The only way to deal with this is to remove the paint by stripping the painted surface. The waste is hazardous, dumping will be expensive, replacement cost for all removed surface for the entire dwelling including carpet, insulation, curtain, rangehood, extractor fans, light fittings & circuit breaker need to be dispose properly using a hazardous waste disposal.

We dispatch all purchases same day of receiving the payment before 1pm.

Free meth awareness training provided for real estate agent, property inspector, property manager or a landlord with multiple properties. Simply contact us by e-mail and arrange a time. and arrange a time. Are you looking for a way to find out whether your property is contaminated or not? Would you like to take some measures and solve this issue from its root? Or do you need Rental Property Meth Testing services? Contact us now and we will help you a lot. At Meth Testing Kit, we are dedicated to offering Meth Test kits designed to help all people protect their properties from meth contamination. We use the German technology in order to develop these kits and provide real results. When it comes to Rental Property Meth Testing, our Meth Test kits won’t leave you disappointed and you will come back to us over and over again. P Test kits will help you understand whether the landlord cheats on you or not. Though many of them try to hide meth residues through bleach or by just painting walls, they won’t achieve as we ensure that our P Test kits will do the job perfectly.
Having many years of experience in this field, we have already helped many people detect even the smallest Methamphetamine residues. We have built a great reputation as Meth Testing Kit can easily screen the property and find which areas are contaminated. If you are looking for Meth Testing Hamilton then rely on us because we have got your back. You don’t have to continue living in a house that is meth contaminated as it will bring a lot of health problems. Just opt for Meth Lab Testing Hamilton or P Lab Testing and we will help you get rid of this issue. Contact us now and we will deliver your kits as fast as possible.

We can give you free advice on how to clean your contaminated property without using a decontamination company & locally available in your local hardware store.