Methamphetamine DIY Laboratory Based Test kit ($150)

Methamphetamine DIY Laboratory Based Test kit ($150)


(10 multiple locations to be tested as a single sample average result) Test for Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Ephedrine & Pseudoephedrine.

  1. Meth Testing Kit offers easy-to-use D.I.Y. Laboratory based meth test kits in which the samples are analysed by an independent IANZ accredited certified laboratory.
  2. Know exactly how much methamphetamine residue is present, within 24 hrs of the laboratory receiving your samples. Detect meth residue levels to .04 µg/ Sample
  3. D.I.Y Laboratory Based Test kit will be couriered out to you with a Pre-paid NZ Post $3.00 bag (with the laboratory’s address) for you to send the swabs to the  certified IANZ Laboratory (Drop off to any NZ Post please pay extra $3.00 to upgrade to courier & keep the tracking number) Results will be available as an email attachment within 24 hours business days of receipt at the laboratory
  4. For the legitimacy of the test, you are welcome to call the Laboratory to verify the result after we email you the result.
  5. Laboratory analysis fees are included in the cost.

Additional Information

How do I know the report is genuine?

For the legitimacy of the test you are can contact the laboratory directly just quote the laboratory reference number for verification.

Is the laboratory based test kit safe to transport by courier?

The answer is YES; the swab with alcohol based is in a sealed container and can stay 60 days without   refrigeration for transport purpose & 5 months with refrigeration.  Professional Meth tester uses this as a common excuse not to use D.I.Y Laboratory based Kit to protect their business interest.

Ask the professional meth tester how do they send their samples to the laboratory and how do the laboratory transport the new samples to them?  Courier or they drive to the laboratory each time?