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Critical Areas to Test

1. INITIAL SCREENING TEST (1st Stage of Testing)  – Use high sensitivity test kit .02µg/100cm2 or Mid-Range Sensitivity  Test .5µg/100cm2  Is there meth contamination  ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.

The reason why we recommend to start with a high sensitivity test is so you can determine meth residue even at a lower level & be able to measure the amount of meth residue present if positive. If someone is smoking meth it will start at a low-level contamination, in due time it will increase. The higher the readings, the more it will cost to clean.

Do not use the 10 x 10 template Collect samples by swabbing the sterilized swab as much coverage as possible, make sure you have used more than half of the liquid in the buffer solution, this gives you an indication you have enough coverage to do your test.

Always swab above shoulder height with high airflow traffic near doors, windows & power box, Do not swab any areas with high hand traffic at this stage. – (1 area per test kit)

2. DETAILED TEST If Positive, use the 10 x 10 template supplied to measure how high or low the meth residue with different sensitivity use 1.5µg / 100cm2  This time, test it per area. (You will require (2) NZ 8510 Standard 1.5µg/100cm2 meth test kit per area for verification) This type of test is designed to assess where the contamination is within the property & eliminate non contaminated areas. A positive result will require a detailed laboratory test to see how high the residue) We can provide this service as well. Remember this is only an idicative test.

  • 1 swab per bedroom
  • 1 swab per area for hallways, laundry, bathrooms
  • 1 swab per area for kitchen, dining room, lounge/dining room
  • 1 swab per area for the garage, workshop, garden shed

Critical areas not to be missed to qualify for 100% effectiveness policy.

If Negative, please use another test kit to test different areas to further check. This time, include  high hand traffic & Lower areas. Continue to use high sensitivity test kit .02µg/100cm2 or Mid-Range Sensitivity Test .5µg/100cm2.

For newly painted surfaces, please concentrate on the test areas that cannot be painted & have not been replaced.

IT IS ILLEGALL TO PAINT IF TESTED POSITIVE, the risk of a positive result in the future is likely to happen if you cover it up.

Meth Cover Up

We can help you how to find meth behind the paint.

Why Is painting over meth a problem?

Simply painting over a Meth Contaminated surface can result in the methamphetamine bleed through the paint layers over an extended period & may once again becomes available. The only way to deal with this is to remove the paint by stripping the painted surface. The waste is hazardous, dumping will be expensive, replacement cost for all removed surface for the entire dwelling including carpet, insulation, curtain, rangehood, extractor fans, light fittings & circuit breaker need to be dispose properly using a hazardous waste disposal.