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Laboratory Based Areas to Test

1. Initial Screening Test (Is there meth contamination  ‘YES’  or  ‘NO’)

Swab Above shoulder heights with high airflow traffic near window or doors, Please use gloves.

Collect 10 samples with the 10x 10 template on areas you wish to test. The laboratory will provide an aggregate result for all areas you swab. Meth testing Kit interprets the laboratory findings and provides a summary of results. This test will give a good indication if the property is contaminated with Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Ephedrine & Pseudoephedrine.

2. Detailed Test Laboratory Test Kit Use this test if positive from initial screening to identify exact levels per area please use the 10 x 10 Template & order an individual test kit. Please order as per your requirement.

This test is generally required if meth is found or strongly suspected. This investigation can be conducted using our DIY Laboratory based self-test kits (one for each area). 1 sample will be taken from each area trace chemical is suspected. Samples will be sent to the laboratory, the results will identify which areas the meth is present in and at which levels. From this analysis we will provide results and interpretation which will help to identify what remedial work may/ may not be required to get the property back to legal and safe levels should it fail the testing.

If Negative, please use another test kit to test different areas to further check. This time, include  high hand traffic & Lower areas. Continue to use high sensitivity test kit .02µg/100cm2 or Mid-Range Sensitivity  Test .5µg/100cm2 .
For newly painted surfaces, please concentrate on the test areas that can not be painted & have not been replaced.
IT IS ILLEGAL TO PAINT IF TESTED POSITIVE, the risk of a positive result in the future is likely to happen if you cover it up

Meth Cover Up

We can help you how to find meth behind the paint.

Why Is painting over meth a problem?

Simply painting over a Meth Contaminated surface can result in the methamphetamine bleed through the paint layers over an extended period & may once again becomes available. The only way to deal with this is to remove the paint by stripping the painted surface. The waste is hazardous, dumping will be expensive, replacement cost for all removed surface for the entire dwelling including carpet, insulation, curtain, rangehood, extractor fans, light fittings & circuit breaker need to be dispose properly using a hazardous waste disposal.