5x DIY Instant Meth Test Kits – Recommended for 2 Bedroom

5x DIY Instant Meth Test Kits – Recommended for 2 Bedroom



3 x 0.5µg/100cm2  –  Mid-Range Sensitivity
2 x 1.5µg/100cm2  –  NZ 8510 NZ  Standard

Contents of Screening Kit:

  • 5 Meth Testing Cassette
  • 5 Liquid Buffer
  • 5 Sterilized Swab
  • 1 Cardboard Template 10 x 10
  • 1 Instruction Sheet

To use the instant meth testing kits you do not need any experience (NO TRAINING REQUIRED), the kits are designed to be used by everyday people & give fast results (5 Minutes).

Our kits are highly accurate and will detect extremely low levels of methamphetamine surface contamination perfect for tenants to use when inspecting a property for lease or testing potential properties prior to making an offer or prior to Auction day.

The last thing you want is to move into an ex meth house exposing your family to carcinogenic chemicals.

  • Exceeds the New Zealand & Australian Ministry of Health's contamination level guidelines for properties
  • Extreme sensitivity for surfaces: able to detect residues as low as 0.5 µg /100cm²
  • Faster test results: analysis in 5 to maximum of 10 minutes
  • Certainty in detection of Methamphetamine's overall reliability greater than 97%
  • Able to identify areas that are contaminated & eliminate costly laboratory Analysis tests areas that got a negative results during the initial screening test.
  • Specifically designed for Australia & New Zealand demographics & validated by independent laboratory every 6 months to ensure consistent high quality product.
  • Low risk of False Positives/negatives and cannot be fooled by common cleaning agents such as Ajax and bleach

Additional Information

Why test with multiple strength sensitivity?

So, you can determine meth residue even at a lower level & able to measure the amount of meth residue present if positive.   If someone is smoking meth it will start at a low-level contamination (.02µg/100cm2 will likely to detect it), due time it will increase. The higher the readings, the more it will cost to clean.

If you are selling your house & buyer choose to use their own meth tester from   Laboratory Analysis test.  The reading will start from .02µg/100cm2 -.04µg / 100cm2 it will detect even a small amount of meth below NZS 8510-2017 guideline of(1.5µg/100cm2) so you do not want to get caught. For buyers who do not understand meth they will simply pass on your property & not realizing the level it’s detecting is very low & no impact on their health.

How many instant Meth Testing Kit do you required?

Meth residues in a house accumulate in the area or areas where meth related behaviour takes place. If you don’t test the area where the meth is, then you don’t find any meth. If you

Only sample 1 or 2 areas in property meth residues can be missed.

How do you avoid the risk of meth residues being missed? You sample and test as many rooms in the property as possible.

Shelf Life of meth testing kit

We have high turnover & replenish our stock regularly, from the date of manufactured 2 years shelf life. Expiration date is display in every test cassette